Roofing Superstitions

Superstitions have grown and changed throughout the ages, as man began to understand his surroundings better he did away with the superstitions that were spawned through misconceptions before…yeah, that’s a bit too pretentious. seriously though, as cultures have developed we have all created some odd superstitions, just about everything in the world has some superstition tied to it by somebody or other.

The roof is no exception to that rule, since every human out there needs a roof of some sort to provide shelter it only makes sense that roofs have superstitions about them in cultures across the world. some superstitions about the roof deal with spirits since the roof is seen as a dividing force between man and heaven, others are about fire because homes burning down tend to be something people worry about, and still others are about witches, because….well….witches man, witches.

In the southern parts of america you can typically see the underside of patio roofs painted a pale blue color. This pale blue color is called “Haint Blue” Haint is an old slang term for ghost. See the logic here goes something like this, ghosts can’t cross running water, water is blue (not unless you really shouldn’t be drinking it, but ok, whatever), so if you paint the bottom of your patio roof blue you’ll fool the ghost into thinking you have a moat around your whole house (as opposed to just in front of the door, when since it’s a ghost and all it can just go through any wall).

they haint all about ghosts though, in Japan tile roofing is decorated with a water motif (what is it with people and wanting a roof made of water….fire, oh yeah fire). They decorate the roof with water symbols and set the roofing tile up so it appears to be waves on the ocean in an effort to scare away the fire spirits, or maybe just confuse them and make them think thier arch nemesis, water, is on top of that house so they better stay away.

Back in america, do you know what a witch window is? it’s one of those windows near the roof that is turned at a 45 degree angle. see the logic behind it goes something like this, a witch can only fly in the house through the highest window on the house, and since witches weigh as much as a duck they can only fly in straight lines. makes total sense to me.

seriously though, in about 100 years there is probably gonna be some snarky ai program writing something witty making fun of me and utterly failing to make any of the other ai’s laugh either. so heres to you snarky ai program, by the way…this statement is false….have fun mr ai.